Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A feed back.

For a month I have noticed that my readership base has eroded.
I wonder what the reason is ?
May be my writing skills are to be sharpened.

Any way I think I need to have a feed back from my readers.
Would you help me by taking this small query about me? http://kevan.org/johari?name=jacpaulus


boo said...

i can boost it by the total of ONE. i r back, missed u :)

Jay said...

I think people visit when you visit them, as long as you actually have content!

Pink said...

I did you quiz for you

sophie said...

hey jac....a hard same pinch..
u know i clicked the same flowers
at home few days back
those crimson red ones

and i have not taken the link yet
will do it
hurring to college now

jac said...


Thanks for the boost :) Welcome back.

I missed you too

jac said...

miss jay
Your first observation I can't agree. Not all readers do that now days. They keep an eye on hit lists.

Your second one is absolutely right, but then how do people know that, with out really visiting the site.
I think auto-readers like RSS makes a lot of difference in influencing this.

jac said...

Thank you pink


jac said...


Really a coincidence !!!

Take care.

sAP said...

Liked the Johari window. Intereseing. The Nohari window also might be worth trying... :) http://kevan.org/nohari


jac said...

Found it very interesting for me too.
Thanks for the visit.

aklanta said...

Hi jac

Here's the wondow to my soul


November Rain said...

I have noticed this too but I did yahoo groups and clubs when they were clubs and after a while people just go off to do other things

also it is spring in the northern hemi so maybe more people are outside

jac said...

Thanks, buddy !

jac said...


You have a very valid point there. Thanks for the feed back.

Mindinside said...

Whatever you write is sweet to read

jac said...


That was so sweet of you.

Thank you from my heart.