Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A clichéd notion

As I crept out as unknown,
It was lot more hours to dawn

words are drawn
Lying flat on my lawn

My face full with a
Looking at that star I crown

If some body care to
If some body feels smitten

If one would say of love,
If one would say of care,

If one will just
murmur the word,

if you would be, my whole world ?


boo said...

'If one just murmur the word,
If you would be, my
whole world ?'

i long for that as well *sigh*

Mindinside said...

I am totally spellbind,
you are talented in every way.

jac said...


Who would not ?

*Sigh* *Sigh*


jac said...

Life itself is full of mysteries, some make you spellbound, some scary and some other impious.

If I have a talent, it is a gift from the God...he can take that away anytime, yet I would still be happy.

"Even the masks of life are masks of deeper mystery" k.gibran

MoodsAndColors said...

Hi Jac
Your previous post showed how seasons bring about such stark change in nature and its colours. Thanks for the pics.
I think the wee hours of the day fed these beautiful words...the magic of those hours and your words..a wonderful combination.

Pink said...

That one word can "love" can make such a difference.

jac said...

Words are for expression, be it prose or verse.

I prefer that my readers be able to read my soul with out a dictionary and also give me a feed back, be it brickbats or flowers.

I am, I am not happy but I am flattered by your compliments. LOL

Come again if you feel these words as worth reading.

jac said...


I strogly believe so, or I won't be writing that verse.

Thanks for being my reader.

MoN said...

jac,am amazed with so ease u r doing this......

jac said...


"Inspiration will always sing; inspiration will never explain."


November Rain said...

in the petals bowl a world for creatures so small
is but a fraction on ours
and we a fration among the stars
a tiny droplet in the scheme of it all

but contected by an enternal reaching light
connected by love and song
in this place where we belong
giving our hearts and pens harmonious sight

jac said...


Simply beautiful, I think I dont have to say anymore.

Thanks for coming.

Lorna said...

poignant, in a word...

jac said...


Well ! It is tenderness too....

jac said...

Very nice. Words can be a window toones soul. Very nice flower

Mz Rachel said...

Ahh...that yearning...The yearning I think we all feel when that sensation that love may have forsaken us sinks into our soul.

Your words are beautiful

jac said...


Now, am I spellbound ?????

Yes, I am.

jac said...


I think that I could never get it explained better than that.

You have a bull's eye definition. LOL

Thanks, that is a lot of compliments combined.

Monicaatje said...

**music** Love is in the air...
Great song ;)

jac said...

Ha ! Ha ! That was my comment there.

A young reader helped me to install it.

Some world !!! Words boomerangs on you !!!!

gem said...

Thanks for the hero.

jac said...


It is for you, if it reminds you of something.LOL

gem said...

...... reminds me of you

jac said...

A very old hero.LOL

Monicaatje said...

in my place love is not in the air my friend, or actually... it depends on the love. THAT love, is nowhere to be found, but it is not beeing looked for either ;)

jac said...


You are wrong. It also means that you are not looking enough.