Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A feed back.

For a month I have noticed that my readership base has eroded.
I wonder what the reason is ?
May be my writing skills are to be sharpened.

Any way I think I need to have a feed back from my readers.
Would you help me by taking this small query about me? http://kevan.org/johari?name=jacpaulus

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Purple again

It was a day
I thought I was bushed

It was a day
I thought I was beat

When I did stroll
My back yard was

Behind the ridges
Taller than me

This beauty in white
With spots of light

Didn’t take a while,
this made me to smile
Is there some one,
Who love this like me ?

Thursday, March 23, 2006

A funny pic

When all the streams are dry
When my throat too became
Out I came, from my hole
To drink a bottle of cola
I can't find any cola,
Bits of popcorn
for a change

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

An old Tag

tagged ...for fours
I have been tagged for fours by Sophia before some time.

Here it is Four jobs I have had:

1)Trainee supervisor :- Right after my Graduation, my first in the lot involving asking a lot of questions like; what is this and what is that. The job in the Petrochemical complex was campus recruitment. It lasted two and half years.
2) Field Inspector: - Which involved a lot of travel in the oil field, inspecting and keeping an eye on oil samples colleted from different oil fields and entering the data in a spread sheet. I liked it as it involved a lot of travel and meeting many new faces.
3) Asst. Production Supervisor: - My first job with Production of Oil involving hardship that I never faced before. Tough and demanding, it made me face obstacles and ways to cross it alone. It taught me the basics of diplomacy and to smile when you are sure of being insulted. To plan attacks on your opponents when they are unaware.
4) Production Supervisor: - A chance to show my true self, my ability and to implement what I have studied, where I have learned to be impartial with the subordinates and to be merciless to them when the need arise.
Actually I liked the job and the returns, but it was making a monster out of me. I quit that soon.

Four movies I can watch over and over:

Just one movie;
Forest Gump (English)

Four places I have lived in:


Four TV shows I love:

I don’t watch TV except for the news

Four places I have vacationed:


Four of my favorite dishes:

Squid fry
Nigerian hot pepper soup
Gary (African national food) made from tapioca.
Ginger pickles (Indian)

Four sites I visit daily:

Nigeria online
My mail

Four places I would rather be right now:

On my back in my lawn watching the stars
To be with some one I love
Sailing the ocean
in my back yard also called as my garden

Four bloggers I am tagging:


Saturday, March 18, 2006

My Toyota Prado, I am about to loose. :(

I have been asked questions by many about my Car that I have been using for quite some time now. Last week when I was about to prepare my report for my previous 28 days on duty, I was asked by the transportation department to furnish the details about my Prado including an inventory on the missing parts from the vehicle. That request for the inventory means that by submitting it, I am forced to nail the coffin for my long time companion Prado which will go as scrap in a huge hydraulic press soon.

I have memories passing through my mind about my vehicle which was a companion for me for the past 2 years. I have helped some poor people with this… carrying them on emergencies like on an instance, a young woman who was about to deliver a baby who needed immediate transportation to a hospital or an injured old man who was hit by a truck, but left abandoned beside the road.
I have even injured my thumb once intentionally, inserting the tip of my thumb and banging the front door shut, when I was angry. LOL

Here are some pictures of my Toyota Prado for Dotm.

How about you loosing some material things like my Prado, that you have to give up after remaining as your long time companion?
Do you feel an anticipation of a brand new replacement or a tinge of sorrow like me?

Thursday, March 09, 2006

A Sigh !

In March when stars are like pearls, jeez !!
Harsh winds give way to a romantic

I am lying down lazing and if hearing too is sharing
A sheer thought,
Comes out as a sigh, to all who knows ‘am a

If this world is at end; a timeout you dare amend
Our wealth is no more
no fun’ frolic any more

If you care, you can save
if you dare, you can have
Your time is out so save just one and no one

Who will you save dear? Who will you keep clear?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Three little Cheetahs

It was last Sunday that I was asked to attend a small meeting with my trainees in a remote station regarding their safety courses. The time being a bit late for me to sum up my reports, I opted for a shortcut road, right through the woods. The roads being African , I drove slowly through the pot holes with sharp turn arounds. My Prado is old enough to send as scrap, has managed to escape two attempts by the head quarters to be sent for dismantling as scrap.
I have trusted it with my life on rainy seasons and while driving off the road. Oh! God it rattles like an old horse cart; the wind shield have cracks and the glass had scratches all over from the ancient wiper.
I wanted some water to pour on the front glasses to clear the thick dust which was affecting my view. The river being far away, I was looking for shepherd's huts where I know that our company provided potable water in old barrels.
I found two barrels beside the road from far away and slowed down; double parked beside a big tree. I found a two litre, used plastic bottle from the rear seats to fetch water and walked to the barrels.
Nearer to the barrels, I thought I saw a moment behind the water drums and alarms went up all over my brain as it was reported that cheetahs were seen romping that area recently.

I managed a crouched position on self defence…African style, with the hairs on the nape of my neck on full alert like a dog just before fight.
I resisted with much effort an urge to run for my life, as I was not sure if the Cheetah was injured and would chase me if I run. I managed to get hold of a large enough stone which I held in my right hand in attack position.
No movement at all. I peered again and now I saw it…a small black head, a boy's head and then another one smaller… and the last one much smaller than all.
Three small male shepherd kids…scared to death and scared to run too.
They peered at me, about to cry... seeing me in my crouched position with a stone in my hand.
I eased myself and managed a smile and the kids started to run. I called them in Arabic and told them to stop.
Well they stopped, not with the pleasure of seeing me but they were simply scared.

They don’t seem to be at ease and I showed them the water bottle that was still held in my left hand and said ‘moyya’ (meaning, water in Arabic).
They were not looking at my left hand; they were looking at my right hand which still held the stone in defensive position. I threw the stone away and smiled foolishly, which seem to relax them a bit.
I said ‘moyya’ again pointing at the bottle and I got a response. The eldest boy pointed at the barrel and I moved forward with the smiling face, as I suspected that the kids may shriek that will bring all the armed shepherds around that area.
They may not get time to listen to me. LOL

I dipped my bottle inside the drum and I heard the soft sound from the older ‘moyya mo mal sharab’ (meaning that water is not for drinking). I acknowledged with a shake of head.
When the water was full I turned around to them and asked if I can take a picture. From their faces, I think they did not understand what I was asking. I walked to my Prado and returned with a camera.
I asked them to smile but they were still scared and moved closer to each other but I got what I wanted. A picture of my three little unsmiling cheetahs.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Yes, it is Pineapple !!!!

It is a tender Pineapple !!!!
My young reader Shine has done it with ease. Unfotunately, she doesn't have a link though I know who she is. She scraps her blogs as easy as changing clothes and comes up with another.

I never thought that she is as clever as that, but then facts are facts and I truly believe that it is not a wild guess.

There is story too, behind that pic.

I have lived most of my life among pineapple growing area. Yet I have never noticed this cute colour in pineapple until I have spend 2/3 rd of my life.

In the month of December, I was attending a function away for my home, an area so green with thickly growing rubber trees. I had my breakfast at home and I was out for a little stroll when I happened to notice a growing Pineapple cluster and this beautiful tender pineapple… that too the beauty in it for the very first time.

Here is the nearby one which is about to be ripe. The colour changes from green-grey to deep yellow when it is ripe.

Congrats to shine and thanks to all who participated, till next week when you will have another of my ‘grey cells’ quiz.

As I told you in the post and as usual, our quiz winner Shine is back again with a new blog and she is linked now. Take a look at her reason for naming her new blog as 'larkspur'.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Photo Quiz 1

Give your little grey cells, a run. Tell me what it is ??

Sorry ! I can't give you a clue.
I also know that I have a pending tag...I will do it later.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A clichéd notion

As I crept out as unknown,
It was lot more hours to dawn

words are drawn
Lying flat on my lawn

My face full with a
Looking at that star I crown

If some body care to
If some body feels smitten

If one would say of love,
If one would say of care,

If one will just
murmur the word,

if you would be, my whole world ?