Monday, February 20, 2006

Who said I don't hate ????

Why do you look at me suspiciously?

Yes, I hate…
I lied to my regular readers when I declared some days ago, that I don’t have hate.
I have hate embedded, studded or sewed in me... to be precise.

I do hate!
I do hate!
You want to know what I hate; yeah, I know that you have your anxiety-filled, foxy grin there.

Here are a few things I hate.

You know what it is? It is my coverall aka my working dress, my mandatory covering or clothing… anti-static and fire proof.

True, that it protects me from dangers… but I hate it.

I hate it because every day morning I have to squeeze in this and when I squeeze inside that, I am lost, I loose my self, my identity, my true self, my name.
I become a trainer, a stuffed robot inside this dress.

Inside this I am only an ‘Usthad’ or ‘Mudurubb’ (teacher or lecturer in Arabic) to my trainees...a trainer to others.
My name and my identity are lost. I am not jac there. I want to be jac. I want to be jac.

Here you seen my second item in the hate list

I hate it !!
I hate this too.

My big bloody safety boot is ant-static, fire proof, oil proof, skid proof and a lot more proof.

Wow !
Let’s say that it is all proof except that it is jac proof too.

I call him fondly as my jackass.

I am not comfortable with the weight I have to carry with the steel toes.

When worn, I feel that I am in leg suspenders; I imagine that I am in a sick bed… hanging my leg with a spooky weight in white plaster.

You know oil fields have regulations that force me to attend mock fire or toxic gas drills to make you prepared for actions on emergencies.

I hate my boots those days when I have to run for the drills at short notice, dragging a jackass on my legs. I am relieved to be out of it everyday at seven in the evening, when I can get rid of it with a casual or even a better comfortable sandals.

I look with distress at my poor crimson feet taken out of my boot. Wooooooooo!!! It pains.

But I am going to listen to Kat who has a method to make boots easy on the legs… not forgetting the splish… splash…splosh...bubble...bubble...squelch..., sounds it makes as per boo
So, now you know why I have hated it all along.

Here comes my next item, but not the worst one, because I like it a bit, a tiny bit… for it helps me in numerous ways but not enough to remove it from the hate list
some of you already know the name as 'Hard hat' or simply called the ‘Helmet’.

It’s yellow in colour and I like the colour.

It protects my head from a fall, screens my full bald head from others… it also protects me from Lorna, who wants to make a fluffy Omelette on my bald head (a recipe available in her comment column). No pun intended, Lorna !
Up to now, she doesn’t know that it is my shining head that she always view from her 11th floor window.
She is itching to make my shining head useful.

Let me come back to the point. It protects my head from heavy sunlight in summer like now, or from rain which is plenty here.

You have a smirk on your face now and questioning lines on your forehead.
Isn’t this supposed to be a post about what I hate?

OK !OK !

I hate that “Helmet” for not revealing my handsomeness to others (ha ! ha ! I am better than Tom Cruise most of the time)

I hate it because it covers my pretty features that are part of my face & my forehead. Aren't they part of my beauty ????? (not my booty… hahaha)

Here comes the last and my tiny hate item.

Some of you will recognize it.
It is a set of earplugs which I have to carry as a contingency item in case, I am in a noisy area.

It is so tiny, yet I hate it because, when I use it, I loose my sense of orientation, like I am in a cyclone area, like in the middle of a tempest or even like an airborne infant…

A scary teeny weenie plastic piece.

I hate you, tiny !!!

Now, I gave all items in my hate list, buddies !! My narration has become longer than I thought.

Sorry for that. Now I rest my case.

Do you have some thing like these... that you hate?

I mean harmless one’s like mine?


Walker said...

Great post.
Hating is so easy.
As long as we hate small things like brussel sprouts.

jac said...

Brussels sprouts are a delicacy in some parts of the world.
I too liked it until I found it awfully smelly when raw cut pieces are allowed open in a fridge.
I hate that too now. LOL

Thanks for that compliment.

Mindinside said...

You are always jac.
Thanx for sharing your feelings.

jac said...

I am always Jac, sometimes I just wonder, but when I share assured.

Thank you for assuring me.


Loveena said...

Here's the irony - Everything you hate actually protects you and bears the brunt of every nasty thing that could happen to you and you are insensitively honest to say that you HATE these things which make your life safer.

But you're not the only one who dishes out somthing like this. The problem, some may say is whether to appreciate the honesty or to pick at being ungrateful! And simply put - there's no problem if each respect the others' feelings. Sometimes nothing need be done - just something be said and gotten over with! Which is exactly what you've done.

Those things may not be able to say anything - but if they could they may probably say they bear all the ridicule and hate because (A) They have to, they have no choice (B)If they were human because they love you.

OK, gotta go now. See ya :-)

PS: Love the vedeo :-) one of my fav songs ...

jac said...

Yes, every one of them potect me and I am fully aware of it.

More funnier is that, though each one of them is mandatory for me on my duty, given the free chance to use those or not...though I dont like wearing those things, I will neverthless use it.

Yes, this is some thing that is to be said and forgotten with.

At the same time I am in love with them too. :)

Thanks for the compliment on music and video, the credit for that goes to a young reader called Dove.

Don't you have some thing like that you hate ??????

boo said...

brussel sprouts are like shrivelled rats brains. i don't eat meat although i don't hate meat. i don't eat anything that is yellow e.g. bananas, corn, potatoes & egg yolks (i eat the whites though :)

jac said...

Brussels sprots smells !!! OMG

The hate on yellow, does that includes your boy friend.LOL

kat said...

I bet you look sexy in all that gear, Jac. ;-)

jac said...

I already wrote that most of the time I look like Tom Cruise.

But if you don't like him, then let me know who you likes. LOL


Lorna said...

As hard as it is to admit I hate something, that would have to be Reality TV---it makes me squirm.

jac said...

I fully agree with you.

It is one hell of a spooky show... humiliating too.

Colleen said...

jac, You are always you... though it may not feel like it when you are covered in all of your work clothes.

You are a beautiful person.

Letsee.. things I hate? I hate cat hairballs. I have 5 cats and 4 of them are longhaired cats, so they definitely cough up hairballs occasionally. I love the cats, but hate the nasty squishy gross looking hairballs! :)

sands of time said...

Poor Jac.All the things you hate are what is needed to look after you and keep you from coming to any harm.

Ms. Vickie said...

Jac, Your description ofwalking in your boots so descrips what walking feels like for me
every day since I was diagnoised with Multiple Sclerosis. My legs feel as if they weigh
a ton. When doing education on MS to raise awareness one of the ways we use to describe
walking to kids is by having them put on large rubber boots and try to walk around in them.
So next time you are thinking about how much you hate your boots just remember I have to
live with this and have no ill make it a lot eaiser I promise. :)

jac said...

With all that attire, I never look like a human as Kat has written.

Well! I have to make a living.

Wow ! Cat hair balls ?? That is news to me as I have no cats.
But what do you do with that hairballs, Colleen ?

jac said...

Pink Lady
Funny thing is that I am aware of it. LOL

jac said...

ms vicky
Though I do hate to be inside those boots, I am aware of its role.

Allowed a chance to go with out those heavy boots, I would flatly refuse to venture out with out those.

Nan said...

I hate some of those things too.

jac said...

OMG !!!
You too crazy like me? LOL


sophie said...

a big hate list....
so when is the love list??

jac said...

After you answer my question at the end of this post, and after taking your tag, and then a poem, and then a journal and then........

Tanda said...

There have been times when I've been tempted to take a hammer to my computer.
Not that I need another excuse to get rid of this dinosaur to get a newer model, lol!

jac said...

That you can do at any time you know.
You don't even need a heavy hammer for that. LOL

Dotm said...

jac, my hubby used to wear the coveralls and the hardhat at the mill. I have one picture of him in them that was printed in the Mill paper and I think he looked handsome in them. Of course his warm smile showed on his face and made all the difference.
So, who knows, others might see the same when they see you in them. He wore hardtoed shoes, but not the boots.
Of hand I can`t think of anything I hate except for someone looking me in the face and lieing to me. never could stand lies, especially when they hurt others.
Still listening to the song-- so romantic. Must admit that I am a romantic.

Chickadee said...

Yea, those boots don't look all that comfy. At one of my summer jobs I had to wear boots that went up to my knees. The boots were required because we were hiking in rattlesnake territory and if one of those suckers bit, it was more likely to bite at the ankles than any other part of the body. They were hot and sooo uncomfortable. My feet hurt 5 minutes after I put those dang things on.

jac said...

In a way the whole attire help me hide my ugliness, so I think I should not hate it after all.

Dot, as I believe that hate is a bad feeling, the words expressed is only my inner musings but once written, my mind is free.
Thanks for the compliments on the music, the credit goes to a young reader of mine named dove.

jac said...

Thanks for sharing your experience. With that feeling of hate, I realize that in spite of being a nuisance, it somehow or other protect our ankles. It is just write and forget.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for being here.

gem said...

Is your coverall gemproof also?

jac said...

I know that it is germ proofed every alternative days, but your question makes me wonder if it is gem proofed.

Well ! I would rather not proof it, as who could refuse a real gem.

I would even wecome it, if it is aquamarine, which is my favourite colour.

Dotm said...

Jac, help hide your ugliness? I doubt that. Never run yourself down. There are enough others who get their kicks that way.
Hope your coveralls fit better than Walts did. He looked skinny because his were too big, that is the ones he had on in the picture were. Still he looked Hansome to me.
I once owned a pair of ear plugs. One day Walt was complaining about something and my youngest sisters hubby pulled at set from his pocket and gave them to me. I put them in my ears and even Walt started laughing. That bro-in-law was an electrician at the same mill where Walt was working. He had them for his job.
Come to think of it, those white ear plugs are still in on my dresser tray. Not like yours as these are the toss out style.

Mz Rachel said...

I am so curious what it is you do. I have trouble seeing you work in the oil fields, though I suppose that could be it. I will never know, will I?

Even though you 'hate' all that stuff that stifles your beauty, it protects you and for that I am glad. It would be a sad day not to see our Jac around here. You bring so much light to the blogshere.

jac said...

I am sure that I am as handsome as your Walt in these not so goodlooking coveralls, needless to say that I slightly exaggerate on things to make you smile a bit.

Thanks for sharing your soul through my window.

jac said...

My profession is teaching... not young lads but a bit grown ups and I am called a trainer.

I am aware of the fact that those gadgets are for protectng me from mishaps so that you will not miss jac.

It is a new thought, mz !


sAP said...

School uniforms! Its long since I used one though, but heck, I hated them when I did. However, I do love my car's seat belts and racer's helmet. Is that a good sign? ;) lol

Dotm said...

Re-reading this blog brought back memories of how cute my Hubby had looked in his mill uniform (like yours) and his hard hat that was a requirement where he worked. I still have that picture which was printed in his mill paper years ago. So, just goes to show you that some people think their loved one looks cute in the uniform and hard hat, but then it is probably his great big smile he is wearing that actually draws my heart to him in that picture.
Well, guess I better stop reading and sign off for the night as it is getting late and therapy has left me feeling sleepy- i even dozed off earlier while trying to read some e-mail. Never expected therapy to tire me this way.
Have a good week Jac.