Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Up on the roof, a pond with a spout
Waves so soft, fishes in
All around me, it swirls full of colours
All above me, is a sky full of stars
Tunes that you hear is the song
of the larks

A night here in May, with you in this bay
Sharing you full, with a shower full
of care
A twinkle so teeny, a ripple so weeny
Dipped in pure honey and zipped
in a shell
Dreamy my goal, so lonely my soul

I miss it, I feel it…

I wish it is real.


Mindinside said...

It's real
as long as it fills ur imagination

Mindinside said...

and as long as it fills up your mindinside.

jac said...

I do realise that.

You make a jugglery of words, trying to confuse me.

I am never confused, not even for a second.

Sylvana said...

I absolutely, positively L.O.V.E. this picture!!!!

jac said...


Thanks for that ardent comment.

I waited for 30 minutes to get the right, picture-able ripple in the water to capture it.

I wanted the ripple, with the fountain in action. So this is a natural shot.

I have been there in your blog and I am a bad cook, so I left with out commenting.

aklanta said...

reality is not always beautiful...most of the time it's our imagination that adds layers of beauty to the things in front of our eyes...those with patience can find out some beautiful dimensions in everything are one of them. I appreciate.

jac said...

Thanks for the appreciation.

I do know that reality is not always be frank, it very seldom is.

For me, I do imagine things, for it doesn't hurt others, it doesn't need a penny...the worst that can happen is that I may get hurt.

I think it is worth getting hurt.

sophie said...

u r not alone in lonelyness
i am there...too ....alone!!!

jac said...


Has He deserted you too ?

Mindinside said...

I like to add:
The pic here is a fantastic work.
One of the loveliest!

jac said...

Thanks for that loveliest comment.

It is real ripples as you will notice, if you look closer.

Mindinside said...

Yeah .. I notice the ripples.
If u wanna know my opinion,
your blog is The loveliest.

bye said...

Dreams are can take you anywhere you wanted to be! ;))

L-o-v-e-l-y poetry jac! take care ;;)

Rashmi Kayala said...

Excellent read!
You have a way with words :-)
Keep writing!
I've left a comment on "Solace" as well. Don't miss on that!
Rashmi :-)

jac said...

You forget two things. One is that if you shower me with praise like this, you will make me breathless.

Second is that you forget that you also write equally commendable words, and deserve a much better audience than mine.

But I really appreciate your comments, with sincere thanks.

jac said...

Very few people think as we do about dreams, that they are free and part of humanity.

Thanks for that valuable compliments.

jac said...

Welcome to my silly blog.
My prize is my readers and they are not much. I try to understand each one of them irrespective of where they are from.

If you feel comfortable here, be my guest. Come back when ever you feel and write what you feel. Brickbats and flowers are equally treated.

I cherish my audience.

Thanks for your spectacular comments and I know that you too write well.

Mz Rachel said...

I can feel the heart full of love you have for the vapor of the person you wish to gift it to.

Once again beautiful.

sophie said...

He has not derserted me
but he has...
But i know He will help me to get him back

jac said...

mz rachel
Amazingly observational and precise.

That is beautiful comment too.

davidalexander0019406229 said...

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jac said...

I hope and I will pray for you.

sands of time said...

Thats a beautiful photo Jac and a very lovely poem.

jac said...

Pink Lady
That is a lot of compliments. Thanks.

MoodsAndColors said...

Hi Jac
Lovely poem...thanks for tagging me.

November Rain said...

a sky with Stars to make a wish
a wishing well - this pond of fish

Dancing in dreams
catching moonbeams

you are my muse
the spark to my fuse

what is reality
what is serenity

what is love if not this
that grows when we are missed

Sush said...

mind blowing words of expression....."Dreamy my goal, lonely my soul..."

jac said...

I was wondering if you will ever come to acknowledge the tag. At one time I even wondered if I have done a mischief by tagging you.

I would appreciate the compliments you shower on me, as the comments from my readers retain the spark of my words, my moods and colours.

If you are tired from your work, you can even forgo the tag. I won't feel offended.

Dotm said...

Jac, It takes real clear water to see what is hiding in it. Wouldn`t it be nice if all water everywhere was this clear looking? Think of all the natural beauty that we might see, growing there, or floating or swimming in the water. But, somethings need to be able to hide for safety reasons.
Ripples are a good sign of healthier moving water, or sometimes just caused by moving fish, frogs and so forth. I used to love it when we took the kids picnicing along the streams where they could see fish swimming by, or just have fun walking along the rocks in the water. All stopped when the kids grew up. Some nice memories just from seeing your picture. Thanks again.

jac said...


the stars
in the sky laced in blue

a moon
looks, true like a hue

the breeze
that caress my dreamy soul

is fragrant
as all you shower is extol

is there
a gem hidden somewhere ?
so bold
as to gleam and to share.

jac said...

Thank you for the compliment and I am happpy to know that you like my expressions.

Come again if you feel so.

jac said...

So happy to see you again with your words filled with memories.

Yes, it is no nice to see the living creatures moving in the transparent bluish waters. I could stay hours looking at in pure wonder.

I was visiting Dubai in the biginning of last year and I managed to visit a huge hotel built almost in the sea, with its whole basement made in to a large aquarium with thick glass around it.
The visiting charge was exorbitant but I felt that it was worth every penny.

Dotm said...

Jac, that is one Hotel worth seeing.

jac said...

I uttered the same words after seeing it.

jac said...

I uttered the same words after seeing it.

Chickadee said...

What a beautiful picture. Such a unique perspective.

Well, I spent quite a bit of time searching online to put a name to that beautiful little bird and came up empty-handed.

There are a LOT of books on birds of Nigeria, but of course you cannot look at the pictures of the birds in the books online.

I did come across a website you may be interested in...if you really want to know what that bird is, you can certainly email them the pictures that you have.

Sorry I couldn't help. I HATE not knowing what a bird species drives me nuts! Let me know if you ever find out.

boo said...

bootiful koi. love the ripples. u know i do.