Thursday, February 23, 2006

Guess what ???

From this week I am starting a small photo quiz in which a part of the pic is enlarged and shown to you.
You have to identify it and write it in the comment. The original photograph will be posted after a gap of one day, giving you sufficient time to write an answer.
I can’t offer you any prize.
Instead you will have your mind slogged or jerked, for which I should deserve a gift. ha ! ha !

This being the first, this pic is very easily identifiable. From the next one, you will have to work with your little grey cells in the brain.

I would appreciate a comment what ever it is.


boo said...

hair? straw? rope? mind boggling indeed....

jac said...

I cant give you a clue.

Can I ?
What will others think ?

Loveena said...

That was simple - Its the braided hair on the head of an African girl :-) *Do men too braid their hair?*

'fairy' said...

ooooops.....its plated i right????? anyway u r right.i didnt have to work with my grey cells...let me prepare for the next..


MoN said...

its braided hair of an african girly........

jac said...

I can't comment now.

But thanks for joining me.

jac said...

*Fairy & *mon

It seems that the number of my @ann admirers are increasing.

Welcome abroad and thanks.

sands of time said...

I was going to say braided hair also

Lorna said...

I apparently got it wrong---I thought it was a scar.

jac said...

Pink lady

I can't say 'yay' or 'nay'

Now I am in pure dilemma !!! Poor me !

jac said...


You are almost near.
Thanks for joining my silly game.

Chickadee said...

Yup, I'm going to have to say that it's the top of someone's head. Maybe Jac's head. :)

jac said...

Now when you reminded me that, I have my fingers on my bald head feeling sorry.

ha ha ha ha ha ha
Thanks for joining.

MoodsAndColors said...

Hi Jac
Will join your quiz next time.
Regarding that link instead of writing moods
you should copy and paste the following:
Hope it works this time.

MoodsAndColors said...

It took the words functionally. What a dumbo I am. Will send you a mail.:):)

jac said...

I am trying one more time with your URL.

Thanks for coming.

Waiting for the mail.

November Rain said...

I am going to say braided hair too (we were suppose to guess whose hair was we?)

jac said...


The question is, what is it ?

If you want to tell the owner also, I won't prevent you.

*fairy* said...

how come u caught me?????

Ms. Vickie said...

With the majority saying braded hair I dare saying anything else
so beaided hair it must be.

Hope all is well in your world.:)

Mindinside said...

If you lend me some of your gray cells, i will tell wot it is.

jac said...


My little grey cells.

jac said...

ms vickie

I can't give you a clue, but then I have to tell you to keep your fingers crossed for another five hours.

All is well here, at the other end of the globe.
Thanks for asking.

jac said...


My little grey cells are worn out, but if it is of any use to you, have your pick.

Be quick or you will miss the fun.

Mindinside said...

Ok Ok!
Send them to me
One by One :)

jac said...

Start counting..

one...two...three, now continue four...

Dotm said...

It reminds me of how one granddaughters hair was braided, but this person is much older. looks neatly braided, straight parts.

jac said...


Are you sure ????