Saturday, February 11, 2006


A duck and two drakes
They live in this pond

pond made for two
A world just for two

A drake has to go
can’t say a 'no'
Oh ! What shall she do ?
She loves them a

If you be this duck
What would you do ?


meetu said...

i would look for a new pond so i can have both ....what say jac?

i m being nasty but thts how i am ...u knw me jac dnt u?


jac said...

That is very diplomatic answer. No wonder you opted to be in Administrative services. Tactic pays.

I suggest that you aim at being a diplomat, meet!

I dont consider it a nasty suggestion especially from you, it can't be because you are not nasty.


sophie said...

the pond may not have place for more than two
the ducks heart has enough and more space to accomodate ...!!
roles can be reversed too ...wat say jac??

Lorna said...

Why does one have to go? Maybe you can teach an old duck new tricks...

Chickadee said...

LOL. What a FUN poem! I love it!

boo said...

roast & eat. simple.

dennis said...

nice pics dad.....

Walker said...

I would look for a chick LOL
Liked this post Jac

Mindinside said...

The duck's heart is as vast
keeping the two together
and make it last

Colleen said...

Nice poem, and great picture! I adore ducks. Every summer I buy huge bags of corn to go and feed them at a local pond.

Honey said...

Easy Jack, I will ask him to go to hell.He sure is not worth wasting my time on maybe. Anyways when the pond is made just for two, I think its good that he left.I can get to spend all my time with the drake thats left right?
Or better still, who knows...a better drake might come by. One should be optimistic!

jac said...

It is very nice possiblity. Yes, rules can be waived, roles can be changed.

A very tempting one.LOL

jac said...

That is worthy suggestion, but then who will teach her.LOL

Thanks, but you did not suggest a way out for the duck in dilemma.

Roast ans eat all the three ???

Thanks, do I know you ?

jac said...

Thanks, Walker! and welcome back.

jac said...

By far the best suggestion with out hurting any but what about the pond ?

Welcome ! after a long time.
Thanks for the comment.
Yes, ducks are adorable

Which one will you send to hell ? LOL

Honey said...

Actually speaking what if I get stuck for life with the wrong dude? So I will pretend to be leaving the pond myself. That way both the drakes will feel bad. I will start walking away. By then the drake that has the most mushy feelings will follow me and try to stop me from leaving.
Now, I will pick this "sweetheart" and kick the other one out.Howzzat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jac said...

Brilliant !!!!

You are one hell of a duck, honey !!!

Very clever !!