Monday, February 27, 2006

The Changes

Some of my readers have written to me, asking about the environmental details of the area I am in now.

I have decided to concede the request, as I too am perplexed at the drastic changes in the weather...making the sights unique.

This is what I used to see everyday before two months.

Blooming flowers and lots of flora and fauna, storks and cranes fishing in the streams.

And now it is summer, with the sun burning straight above you, a hot wind hissing at you.

This is what I find now.

The green colour completely gone, the dust has started to swallow the trees. The colour of the atmosphere has changed to brownish.

I was able to take some pics of the surroundings a few months before, when the area was completely green with vegetation, contrary to the situation now.

Watch it from my camera eyes before and after.

Dry cracked mud in place of streams, the grass torched by shepherds and the trees already started to loose it's luster.

The shepherds and fishermen long gone, leaving small huts abandoned.


Lorna said...

that's quite a drastic change. Still, both the before and after pictures have a serenity.

sophie said...

greens to the browns
and i saw u amongst those flowers...right...!!!

Monicaatje said...

wow! that is some change u guys have there. is it normally that drastic or does it have to do with global warmth?

jac said...

I wished that I could give you more pictures of reality, but these days my company server is asserting more strictures on photo uploading and now above all, the blogger uploading is still not very friendly, if it has to go through a private server network.

But what I see is still beautiful, Lorna !

jac said...

Yea, you are right, I am here, I am there and I am everywhere !!

I am also a speck in the wind. LOL

jac said...

The changes are normal, MoN!

This area of the world already has a shortage of resources to maintain the ecological balance with methods like organised rain harvesting.

With the useless internal war for 20 years and has now stopped, I hope for good… developments are ‘turtle slow’

boo said...

looks like drastic conditions

jac said...


This is mother nature again, who showed you the beauty and wonders of the world.

Two sides of a coin !!!!

Can't complain !

Mz Rachel said...

I must have missed the post or posts about what has caused the change. I am off to look for them now!

jac said...

I don't think you have missed any. The changes are associated the African region which is draught.

It rains and floods the whole area in the rainy season and with out rain water management, every year the draught increase its dosage.

You can see these pictures.

I have written about fishing and and fishes from the same area a couple of weeks ago and the pictures too.

Mindinside said...

What did u do with the cannibals?

jac said...


Cannibals control their appetite and wait for the seasons to change like a Hornbill waiting for rain.
Sometimes, they even die waiting for rain. :)

Thanks for the visit.

Ms Vickie said...

Thank you for sharing the extremes of nature at its best
with us. It is so nice to be able to see other parts of
the country first hand as you have shared with us.

Hope you have a great week :)

Walker said...

That was great and soon the rainy season will be upon you with life sprouting from the ground. :)

jac said...

I am so pleased to hear that reaction as a comment from the another part of the globe, a voice of concern and care... that too from another nature lover like me.

Thank you, vicky !

jac said...

Two months is a long way to rain, Man!

The Blog said...

Hey Thanks for the comments. So you're from Nigeria. Well, I'm Nigerian too. Ibibio to be exact. Small World, huh. Thanks for visiting my site, you can stop by anytime, I'm always posting.

jac said...

I saw your comments in the Sudanese site, thought to check it out.
Thanks for coming, I post every three days.

Feel free to come and comment.

My present location is Sudan.

sands of time said...

such big differences.It looks beautiful though.

MoN said...

'pics explain more than words'

jac said...

Beautiful in an odd way.

Beautiful green colour giving way to dusty brown.

jac said...

Wow ! That is a compliment !!

Chickadee said...

Wow. Summer is certainly harsh on your end of the world. Things here in the midwestestern United States get dry and crispy, but no where near to the extent as your part of the world.

jac said...

Yeah, It is harsh enough when you realise that the rains are far away in the calender.

I am happy to know that you are able to see the changes through those pics.

Dotm said...

Great photography jac.
Thanks for sharing them. It left me with a question. Where do you get fresh water in the dry season? Is it from deep wells? How long does each season last?
Thanks for showing and telling more about this country where you live. very interesting.

jac said...

The water for drinking in this particular area at the moment is provided by our company as a responsibility.

But further down the road I have seen the people using stagnant water from the pools which is for all. The cattle drink it as well takes a dip, the people too unfortunately.
Happy know that my sharing is informative.

Thank you dot.

Elfred said...

I wanna go, I wanna go, I wanna go...

But really, I ain't gonna live next to a pride of lions, would I???

Interesting place, all over the internet making me salivate for a travel.

jac said...

welcome to my window with an invitation to come and visit Africa as my guest.

You won't like to go back if you visit, I assure you.