Saturday, February 25, 2006

Braided Hair

A young girl of six, her colour coffee brown
My cheek is not sexy,
nor rough, or silken

That smile from that black cutie
to kisses, a couple of million

She knows, she knows, I love them children
That card of valentine, I value with trillion

This was my reply to november rain's poetic comment on "My Valantine"

I hope that this answers, the queries and comments from many.

BTW:- Most of you have won the contest which was so easy. Jugde yourself and prepare your little grey cells for next week.

With thanks to one and all.


Harvard said...

Why thank you Jac. Compared to your poetic blog, mine sounds like a random rant of nuisance. Nice of you to drop by anyway.

jac said...


I didn't know that you travel so fast.


Wow, Jac, what a fanbase! But I knew you would get popular fast! I miss your poetry and your beautiful pictures!
I hope you are having a great year so far.

Take care,

Mindinside said...

I could be her mom
but am far away
I want you make her happy
and hug her for me
I want you make her smile.

shine said...

c-u-t-e and t-w-e-e-t innocent smile ;;)

jac said...


What a pleasant surprise I have today when you are here.
A young writer who is bold enough to call a spade as spade and I was your admirer there.

Did you say that I have a lot of fans?
You left a truck load of fans when u left you blog!!! Let us say that I picked all of them.

Welcome back and I wish you will stay here this time.
Be my guest today.

jac said...


I have done all that you have mentioned and may be a bit more.

She is smiling at you.

jac said...


where are you ?
Come down to see the c-u-t-e and t-w-e-e-t smile.

che said...

im just here jac..umm guess you can say i've risen from the dead!hehehe ..hopefully im back AGAIN !?!take care ;;)

che said...

im just here jac..umm guess you can say i've risen from the dead!hehehe ..hopefully im back AGAIN !?!take care ;;)

jac said...

It is just that, you should know that there are people who care.

AS you are back, nothing matters now.

Take care.

Lorna said...

It's so easy once you see the picture---I still think it could have been a scar...

boo said...

aso! :-)

jac said...

True, that it looks like a scar after a major surgery.

For you, I will treat it as a scar. LOL

jac said...


You were the first. ;)

Mz Rachel said...

I missed the contest...but she is a cutie. Chrilden are God's gift to us.

jac said...


You can miss a kiss but please don't miss my quiz. LOL

Yes, childrens are one of the gifts of God.

sophie said...

Chidren are gifts from God...
they r miracles...

jac said...

They truely are.
Miracles from heaven too.

Dotm said...

All little ones are so precious. She sure is one real cutie. Looking at her makes one want to give her a big Hug.

Dotm said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
jac said...

That is what I felt when I first saw her.

gen said...

she's beautiful.. and her eyes say so much. :)

jac said...

Welcome to my blog.

Yes, and I like them...always.
Thanks for coming.

sands of time said...

She is such a beautiful little girl

Chickadee said...

Ahhh, the answer to your quiz. She's a cute little girl.

joy said...

I love the poem and the story and it fits with the theme at my blogspot. I linked part of it to my blog, giving you the credit. If you'd prefer that I didn't, please let me know. Keep writing. Sincerely, FrenchIndian