Monday, February 27, 2006

The Changes

Some of my readers have written to me, asking about the environmental details of the area I am in now.

I have decided to concede the request, as I too am perplexed at the drastic changes in the weather...making the sights unique.

This is what I used to see everyday before two months.

Blooming flowers and lots of flora and fauna, storks and cranes fishing in the streams.

And now it is summer, with the sun burning straight above you, a hot wind hissing at you.

This is what I find now.

The green colour completely gone, the dust has started to swallow the trees. The colour of the atmosphere has changed to brownish.

I was able to take some pics of the surroundings a few months before, when the area was completely green with vegetation, contrary to the situation now.

Watch it from my camera eyes before and after.

Dry cracked mud in place of streams, the grass torched by shepherds and the trees already started to loose it's luster.

The shepherds and fishermen long gone, leaving small huts abandoned.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Braided Hair

A young girl of six, her colour coffee brown
My cheek is not sexy,
nor rough, or silken

That smile from that black cutie
to kisses, a couple of million

She knows, she knows, I love them children
That card of valentine, I value with trillion

This was my reply to november rain's poetic comment on "My Valantine"

I hope that this answers, the queries and comments from many.

BTW:- Most of you have won the contest which was so easy. Jugde yourself and prepare your little grey cells for next week.

With thanks to one and all.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Guess what ???

From this week I am starting a small photo quiz in which a part of the pic is enlarged and shown to you.
You have to identify it and write it in the comment. The original photograph will be posted after a gap of one day, giving you sufficient time to write an answer.
I can’t offer you any prize.
Instead you will have your mind slogged or jerked, for which I should deserve a gift. ha ! ha !

This being the first, this pic is very easily identifiable. From the next one, you will have to work with your little grey cells in the brain.

I would appreciate a comment what ever it is.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Who said I don't hate ????

Why do you look at me suspiciously?

Yes, I hate…
I lied to my regular readers when I declared some days ago, that I don’t have hate.
I have hate embedded, studded or sewed in me... to be precise.

I do hate!
I do hate!
You want to know what I hate; yeah, I know that you have your anxiety-filled, foxy grin there.

Here are a few things I hate.

You know what it is? It is my coverall aka my working dress, my mandatory covering or clothing… anti-static and fire proof.

True, that it protects me from dangers… but I hate it.

I hate it because every day morning I have to squeeze in this and when I squeeze inside that, I am lost, I loose my self, my identity, my true self, my name.
I become a trainer, a stuffed robot inside this dress.

Inside this I am only an ‘Usthad’ or ‘Mudurubb’ (teacher or lecturer in Arabic) to my trainees...a trainer to others.
My name and my identity are lost. I am not jac there. I want to be jac. I want to be jac.

Here you seen my second item in the hate list

I hate it !!
I hate this too.

My big bloody safety boot is ant-static, fire proof, oil proof, skid proof and a lot more proof.

Wow !
Let’s say that it is all proof except that it is jac proof too.

I call him fondly as my jackass.

I am not comfortable with the weight I have to carry with the steel toes.

When worn, I feel that I am in leg suspenders; I imagine that I am in a sick bed… hanging my leg with a spooky weight in white plaster.

You know oil fields have regulations that force me to attend mock fire or toxic gas drills to make you prepared for actions on emergencies.

I hate my boots those days when I have to run for the drills at short notice, dragging a jackass on my legs. I am relieved to be out of it everyday at seven in the evening, when I can get rid of it with a casual or even a better comfortable sandals.

I look with distress at my poor crimson feet taken out of my boot. Wooooooooo!!! It pains.

But I am going to listen to Kat who has a method to make boots easy on the legs… not forgetting the splish… splash…splosh...bubble...bubble...squelch..., sounds it makes as per boo
So, now you know why I have hated it all along.

Here comes my next item, but not the worst one, because I like it a bit, a tiny bit… for it helps me in numerous ways but not enough to remove it from the hate list
some of you already know the name as 'Hard hat' or simply called the ‘Helmet’.

It’s yellow in colour and I like the colour.

It protects my head from a fall, screens my full bald head from others… it also protects me from Lorna, who wants to make a fluffy Omelette on my bald head (a recipe available in her comment column). No pun intended, Lorna !
Up to now, she doesn’t know that it is my shining head that she always view from her 11th floor window.
She is itching to make my shining head useful.

Let me come back to the point. It protects my head from heavy sunlight in summer like now, or from rain which is plenty here.

You have a smirk on your face now and questioning lines on your forehead.
Isn’t this supposed to be a post about what I hate?

OK !OK !

I hate that “Helmet” for not revealing my handsomeness to others (ha ! ha ! I am better than Tom Cruise most of the time)

I hate it because it covers my pretty features that are part of my face & my forehead. Aren't they part of my beauty ????? (not my booty… hahaha)

Here comes the last and my tiny hate item.

Some of you will recognize it.
It is a set of earplugs which I have to carry as a contingency item in case, I am in a noisy area.

It is so tiny, yet I hate it because, when I use it, I loose my sense of orientation, like I am in a cyclone area, like in the middle of a tempest or even like an airborne infant…

A scary teeny weenie plastic piece.

I hate you, tiny !!!

Now, I gave all items in my hate list, buddies !! My narration has become longer than I thought.

Sorry for that. Now I rest my case.

Do you have some thing like these... that you hate?

I mean harmless one’s like mine?

Saturday, February 18, 2006

My Valantine*

It is seven in the clock
It is heaven for to sleep
The door bell rang twice
I swore with anger in rise
So sleepy was my eyes

I crack opened the door
The street sounds were a roar
A girl aged six with eyes like a dove
Stood by the door,
A flower in her hand

She smiled like a moon
Humming a tune

She said to me, "the flower is for you"
My face lit up, with questioning eyes
Said the girl simply
"Valentine! Valentine! "

I wanted her pic
I wanted it quick
But she ran like a chic

*don't look at me that way.LOL,this is my imagination.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I felt I am mashed ‘n minced for a dish
I felt like trash that’s thrown in
the street

My soul felt like beaten,
My mind as if eaten,
Am I a coward for taking
the swords ?
Am I a sinner for piercing with words ?

I have the truths, I spread it in words
If I been rash or the words
were so mean
I will just say that I am sorry my God !
I will just pray
you just pardon me Lord !
find me place where I can repent and cry.

Saturday, February 11, 2006


A duck and two drakes
They live in this pond

pond made for two
A world just for two

A drake has to go
can’t say a 'no'
Oh ! What shall she do ?
She loves them a

If you be this duck
What would you do ?

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Up on the roof, a pond with a spout
Waves so soft, fishes in
All around me, it swirls full of colours
All above me, is a sky full of stars
Tunes that you hear is the song
of the larks

A night here in May, with you in this bay
Sharing you full, with a shower full
of care
A twinkle so teeny, a ripple so weeny
Dipped in pure honey and zipped
in a shell
Dreamy my goal, so lonely my soul

I miss it, I feel it…

I wish it is real.