Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Escape.

I spent all my life in solitude and mused it might be fun to fly
through the plains and over the pools; la la la..... lalalala
I told the wind to come along; he shook his head and said to me
I have a job to cool the heat, so who will spread the scents for me.
Lonely and sad I turned away, my eyes still searching for companions
I looked around for butterflies; they turned off the offer to seek flowers

I saw my star with smiling eyes; I prodded and begged to come along
My angel with that golden wings; snuggled in with a song and dance
The dove inside the bar-less cage; flown in with her broken chains

We swished on through the mountain mist; nuzzling so close to each other
we saw the sun in morning streak; and saw it drown with colours so bright
we swam in pools of bluish green; the water so cold and clear like glass

Days went by like shooting stars; we giggled and flew like Robin chicks
we ate the fruits of blue berry and drank the honey from apricots
we forgot this world and all worries; at last, we had to rest awhile

We slept beside in a lullaby tree; happy and dreamy with smiling eyes
I felt the warmer breeze on me; I woke up slowly yawning aloud
my Angel, Star and Dove were gone; skulked and left me on the road,
I saw my wings are clipped so short; my softy feathers ripped in haste
with all my hopes in darkness; with tears and agony eating my soul
I looked around the barren land and followed my destiny, all alone.


Anonymous said...

jac I love ya,
Heal my wings, break open my cage
I will fly to you in real,

The dove

Sask 1 said...

That was so sad Jac

Colleen said...

I feel like a dove fluttering my wings to fly out and find peace. Thank you for your kind words on my blog. This poem was beautiful and thank you for shareing.

SierraBella said...

Very nice!

test said...

aww lovely poetry but so sad ! :( hope someday you'll find the happiness that your heart is longer for. Take care!

Lisa said...

Your poetry gives me a deep ache of sadness Jac. IT DRIVES ME NUTS THAT WE CAN'T DO ANYTHING TO MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER!!!

*stomps away from the PC muttering about the wilds of Africa and a two hour plane trip to the nearest post office*

jac said...
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Katya said...

thanks for the birthday wishes and for taking the time to stop by and comment..i love the lilies picture below, they are gorgeous..


Monica said...

Yay, I can wouldn't let me yesterday. I love this, Jac, thank you for sharing your creativity with us.

thequeen said...

the first part sounds like a dream I had, the end made me cry.

jac said...

If u like that pic, take it as your birth day gift.


I can change the last part if you want :)

jac said...

Can't help it.

Come often


Yes, it is sad.

Sadness is part of the package. Thanks all the way.

laurenbove said...

without the bitter, we cannot taste the sweet.

a lovely poem and as they say... tis better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all.


jac said...

You said it LB